On Sunday I had a first.

I clogged the toilet with just shit. No toilet paper nor paper products, just a gargantuan shit that nearly cost me my life forcing it out of my asshole. Like I had an avocado stuck in there and it was holding on for dear life to avoid that final swim. Its splash was palpable and when I flushed I heard how the bowl was filling up but nothing was going down. Fortunately I had a plunger affording me the luxury of forcing it down the drain to dwell among the alligators. Later in the day I passed more shit that was reasonably sized much to my relief.

Volunteered at the cat rescue. Odin is thinner but he was in isolation because he wasn't eating. Chimera was spicy as always. There's a new tortie named Luna who is very hissy and vocal about her personal space. Fortunately I brought along two four-packs of Churu that I gave to Odin and Chimera before allowing Luna to enjoy an entire stick of Churu. For those of you playing along at home Churu are tubes of meat slurry used as a treat for cats. Turns out bribery does work and Luna was amenable to me giving her pets and attention after that.

The rest of my day was unremarkable. Cooked chicken, showered, etc.

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