I may have mentioned before, too lazy to search the site archive, that I stumbled upon someone online who seems to be a dead ringer for Edna LaMontagne Voegele. For more than a year, it seems Edna LaMontagne Voegele has fallen off the face of the internet. Last I heard from Leah is that her husband was moving back in with her. No word if they were going to work towards maintaining the marriage or if Edna LaMontagne Voegele is still pursuing 'polyamory'. Only things working against this woman potentially being Edna LaMontagne Voegele are a heart tattoo on one of her fingers, a lack of a tongue stud, and claiming her age is 29 rather than 42. Everything else in terms of hair color, body build, is spot-on. Let's say the photos this woman has posted has tamped down the flame of obsession. She always shows her face from the nose down.

Early the other morning I dreamt I was looking for yet another place to live. A small house that I have a vague recollection of in Millburn, NJ along Millburn Avenue down around St. Rose of Lima was the location of the prospective place. In my head I was telling myself I was still in Ocean or Monmouth county. As I knocked on the door I realized this was the home where the Edna LaMontagne Voegele clone lived but I didn't turn back. In the dream she looked nothing liked Edna LaMontagne Voegele and the spell was broken. Inside the house I was reminded of the home of my paternal grandparents with the faux Louis the XV furnishings and style. We spoke a bit then sat on the couch whereupon she put her feet in my lap. I woke up a little after that bit.

On Thursday I took four magic mushrooms, golden teachers, and had a pleasant trip. When I woke on Thursday I just wasn't feeling it, work has been a real grind, so I called out. Wound up cleaning my living space, drove to Toms River, briefly visited Leah, hit Seaside for an italian hot dog then sat on the beach for a few hours. While heading back to the 'hood I realized I was feeling really good, giving me the notion I should try doing magic mushrooms. Not a heroic dose nor a one-gram pussy dose like the last time, but maybe a moderate one? Broke up 4 magic mushrooms, washed them down with a mango kombucha around 5:48 p.m. EDT, and awaited my journey to begin.
There were no closed nor open eye visuals but I was definitely tripping because my eyes were tearing up. On Friday I read that eyes tear up while tripping because people blink less while under that influence. Mostly sat on the tiny back deck listening to music on my phone, watching the sunset, and feeling good. Came back inside, crawled into bed, told myself, "You don't need Edna" and "You need to lose weight". Slept fitfully through the night because I think the psilocybin was still affecting me and woke around 5:30 in the morning on Friday.

Also I had this exchange with my friend in Matawan via text:

my friend in matawan talking about how she wants to ditch a date
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