Friday was a long day. Our new software at work stopped communicating with QuickBooks so accounting was saddled with the task of moving 1,400 documents to their respective jobs. The chore takes longer with the new software, as each file must be handled individually rather than moving them in bulk, but it's hardly the onerous task described by the woman who just manages the documents queue.
It's just boring

After work I cooked up some rice, threw in cooked chicken and had that for dinner.
Waiting for the rice to cook I tried to find my new wifi extender I purchased for the title searching computer but it has gone to the four winds, so I had to buy a new one in hopes it fixes the shitty wifi connection where I live. At the moment I'm using my phone as a mobile hotspot for regular browsing.
While eating I randomly remembered the 1 point flaw "Taint of Corruption" from the Vmapire: The Masquerade Player's Handbook where vampires with the flaw kill plants, grass, and spoil food merely by being in its presence which gave me an idea. Around 7 I was at Johnny Mac's, got a Voodoo Ranger, and decided to scratch the itch from my memory. Wound up writing out seven pages of an outline-slash-bible for a story series where a major character has a similar, yet more powerful, version of that flaw who is crucial to the story arc.

Went back to the 'hood around 11 and hit the hay.

tarot interpretation

three tarot cards from my mystical medleys deck, an inverted fool, the lovers, and an inverted sun

9:45 p.m. 5/12/2023, Johnny Mac's

Past — Inverted Fool

This card, and its disposition, suggests either I have a good idea but it's not ready for prime time or my own insecurity over executing a project e.g. worry is cockblocking my creativity and follow-through.

Or I'm taking too many risks without regard for consequences. I'm doubting this one considering my character is risk-averse. Definitely not a good thing but on the other hand it 'rhymes' with worry cockblocking me.

Present — The Lovers

Per Biddy Tarot The Lovers concern "conscious connections and meaningful relationships". Oer the past few days I've been more in contact with my social circle than usual. As for a literal interpretation of The Lovers, that seems to be light years away from the reality of my life at the moment since there aren't any prospects. On the other hand, per Biddy, The Lovers is about open and honest communication. Maybe a reference to the late 'shroom trip self-talk? Tripping often leads to revelations and they come about by having a conversation with oneself. As stated in yesterday's entry "You don't need Edna" and "You need to lose weight" were the two major topics.

Future — Inverted Sun

The Sun is always a positive card, conveying the need to lighten up and be less serious about life. Another interpretation is how I'm having a tough time seeing the bright side but I'll eventually come around to it.

tarot synthesis

Regarding the appearance of The Lovers, upright, is heartening after a fashion. I feel like I overextended myself socially and wore out my welcome with my friends. From here the mental dialogue slipped into how I shouldn't have expectations of others, nor of myself. I need to be kinder to myself in the same measure I am kind to my friends and loved ones.

Maybe my writing of outlines and first drafts is being represented by the inverted Fool card?

Kinda thinking-slash-hoping Summer Isle Burn is my inverted Sun card. On the other hand, I could make that inverted Sun happen any time if I will it. I do have agency but fear keeps me from acting upon it.

10:34 p.m., 5/12/2023, Johnny Mac's

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