Saturday was a big ol' nothing day. Wrote for the fortean website in the morning. Showered, smoked a bit, then had my beard trimmed in the afternoon by the irreplaceable Tash. It looks really good this time and that's a remarkable achievement considering how skilled she is with her craft.

a selfie featuring my face and its beard which is freshly and expertly trimmed by my friend tash

Afterwards we smoked a bowl and I gave her some magic mushrooms.

Good times.

Drove stoned to the supermarket, bought essentials along with regular groceries, then slowly drove back home. Ate a bunch of mini Reese's cups, took a nap, and I just finished writing and uploading Sunday's edition of the fortean website which means my only responsibility tomorrow is volunteering over at the cat rescue.

Good times.

I am feeling lonely and would like to have someone. It has me contemplating what may be out there and those who I know on and offline. Just tonight isn't the time to wax poetic upon that topic.

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