This is a senryu
Just seventeen syllables
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La mond' mortiĝas
La planed'? Ne tia mult'
Kiu mankos nin?

On Saturday I went to The Strand for a Hallowe'en show put on by a band called The Wag. My friend from LBI was dancing in the background of their show. I was very happy to see her enjoying herself and embodying Terpsichore. Fun fact, Terpsichore means "delight in dancing" which is quite appropriate since Terpsichore is the muse for dance. Just like the last time where I went to see her dance I brought her flowers in celebration of her performance. She had other things going on and I went back to my car, maybe I heard the faint strains of The Incredible Hulk theme song from 1978 but they weren't too loud. Afterwards I hit the Crystal Diner, had a burger and some chicken soup before driving back to Jackson. I did note at the Crystal Diner they took down the televisions and presume that was a cost-cutting measure.

On Sunday I went to see Leah to carve pumpkins. She cooked me dinner, double-smoked kielbasa with pierogies and summer corn. Double-smoked kielbasa is not my favorite but I ate it anyway since free food is free food. Plus the pierogies and corn made up for the sausage. Leah carved two pumpkins and I carved one. Hers were traditional while mine was a happy cat. His face is a little lop sided but I'm happy with the overall execution.
At the moment Leah is having a very tough time. I feel for her and I'm worried, but also when I spend time with her I'm always reminded how it's best for us to be apart. At the moment she's going on about how she can't wait to be by herself.

I've acquired the use of a VPN sometime during the month of October. Been enjoying myself watching Red Dwarf, some Futurama, along with The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar. I am beside myself watching Red Dwarf and hope to be watching more stuff soon. The VPN is usable on four other devices, besides my computer, except for some reason I'm not able to torrent using my phone's data while using the VPN which is a disappointment.

Now I'm going to cut and paste some half-baked nonsense I posted on Mastodon regarding the current interest in artificial intelligences which are just language learning models who are as convincing as ELIZA.
e.g. not very.

Speaking with my good friend I brought up how computers, as we know them, appear to be incapable of play.
Computers can run through all potential moves and combinations, solving by brute force, but appear to lack intuition to make a leap of logic and do something unexpected. My analogy is games can be solved, weakly (like Chess) or completely (like tic-tac-toe). I proposed to my friend that music is a game. While there are finite notes, using harmony, melody, rhythm, etc. creates complexity.
Bit of wordplay there since music is meant to be played. Haw haw.
Arguing this as a game, computers can create music according to an algorithm but the music is often lacking a je ne sais quois of inspiration, does not have an end much like a Stephen King novel. Music created by humans has a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Computers can solve games because the criteria for ending a game is already determined and the computer works towards the end. But they are approaching the game like the West approaches stories. There is getting from point A to point B. The destination,not the journey. Eastern stories, OTOH, (going by Scott McCloud's comics manuals) are about the journey not the destination.
In short a computer can't, or won't, "fuck" with their opponent. Playing with them like a cat plays with a mouse. When you are at A, all that one cares about is getting to point B regardless if a detour at Q or M is far more interesting or satisfying. Computers, as we know them, do not make leaps of logic because they lack curiosity. Whether by nature or programming.
Which leads to a very difficult question: How can one prove humans have curiosity, a knowledge of play, and applying illogic to a challenge? If they can make such a leap to solve a problem, what differentiates it from luck? Random chance? Or humans being more clever algorithms in a larger simulation?

My author friend Steven Brewer responded, "I read a fascinating paper a few years ago about a game company that was using an AI to discover ways to win a game that weren't "fun". In a kind of "hero" game, the computer discovered that, if you kept your heroes super weak, they sometimes would die and roll-over their health counter resulting in a very weak, but UNKILLABLE hero. By accumulating a bunch of these "zombie" heroes, the computer could win. If that's not "fucking with you" then I don't know what is."
"This used to be true, but computers mostly don't win games that way anymore. In fact, computers *can* discover approaches that are orthogonal to how people play. I remember reading about the strategies that the Go-playing program "discovered" that were novel and prompted interesting conversations about the nature (and limitations) of human expertise. Link: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/18/558519095/computer-learns-to-play-go-at-superhuman-levels-without-human-knowledge."

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