I don't recall the ereyesterday's dream details but I recall the ground beneath me was wet. Maybe about half an inch or one centimeter of standing water. I've come to understand water symbolizes my subconscious.

The following dream from early Monday morning is recalled since I voice memo'ed Wednesday with it while commuting to work. Even then the details are spare. I dreamt that Denise Crosby, Tasha Yar on Star Trek:: The Next Generation. I encountered her in a hotel at a Chinese restaurant ran by the hotel and she was hot to trot for me. Like she acted in The Naked Now. I spent most of my time wandering around the hotel looking for a bathroom because I needed to take a shit. She wound up finding me during my peregrinations but before I took that shit. In this oneiric scenario there was water on the ground but no one paid it any mind.

Monday was okay. Work went smooth. Have a few thoughts in my head that I'm trying to sort out but they bubble up like bubbles in seltzer and pop, and often times that happens before I can even focus my attention on them.

an old dream from 9/12/2015

A bear was loose on an unnamed college campus. I watched from a classroom as the student body began pelting the beast with stones, John 8:7 ran through my head, followed by a girl giving the poor bear a face full of pepper spray.
I head outside to help. The bear's wandering blindly through trees and meadows, peaceable despite his first contact with humanity. He does menace me when I put my arm near his head and shoulders in hopes of guiding him away from the assholes.
Our destination is a large Victorian house where a woman advises me to pour Miller Lite on the beast's face. While grabbing a bottle, I notice her house is full of water and orcas milling in the hallways. After dosing the bear, I jump in to commune with these creatures.
A fellow swimmer begins describing the process of filling the house, turning into another dream where I'm watching from an unseen perspective. The residents lined every stick of furniture and hallway with plastic, fixing everything with packing tape before several firetrucks show up to pump water.

My new friend might come over, albeit briefly, to play a puzzle but maybe not. She's always late but she never flakes out.

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