Throughout my life I've had dreams haunted by the ocean. When I was a kid the first dream of the ocean took place at night and there was a tidal wave coming ashore. It wasn't a typical real-world tidal wave but one drawn by Hokusai. In this case the wave resembled a large, dark, heavy comforter that fell upon me with intent to smother.
With the passage of time there were many dreams where the ocean's waves clawed at my feet, hoping to drag me back to its depths. Those always terrified me. Especially when the shoreline became steeper and steeper as I attempted to scramble to safety.
More recent dreams had me living at the shore watching as tempest-whipped waves raged around the building. I could only watch in helpless terror as streets flooded and tides pushed cars everywhere.
Last night I dreamt I was at the beach. The weather was pleasant as I walked the length of the island when I realized the tide was going out. As I wandered over the wet sand I found silver fish about a foot long flapping and jumping. Looking up I saw a great looming wall of water green as a beer bottle making me think, "Oh shit."
When I awoke again in the dream I was on dry-ish land. I could only tell a tempest had beset me, knocking me unconscious and somehow I had survived the chaos. The sky was dark with clouds and deep down I knew the waters would come again. I remained vigilant for flopping, dying fish as harbingers for the storm to come.

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