internacia tago de laboristoj

First thing I said this morning was, “White Rabbit”. It’s advised that one should say “White Rabbit” first thing on the first of the month for luck. Afterwards I had a few thoughts.

The gig economy. People doing Über, selling LuLaRoe, and DoorDash to make ends meet. The impression I get is these people are given the opportunity to pay money and feel busy, while receiving barely enough to break even.

Then there’s the regular economy where people may, or may not, earn enough to save for a rainy day. There are varying levels where people net a pittance but have cushy benefits. Folks who earn a princely sum, but they’re screwed since they have benefits which are not worth the payments. And then there are those who have a decent work-life balance.

Higher up are the business people who employ them. Some of them are no better than their employees in terms of earning potential and security. Others gaze down from their perches, wondering if they spit if any of their peons would feel it strike their heads.

Finally there are the oligarchs. People who are “old money”. Generations of people who have never truly worked. The kind who are written up in blogs as entrepreneurs discussing their business model, all their hard work, then ultimately it wouldn’t have been possible without mommy and daddy’s money.

It’s shit like this which drives me to listen to Slavoj Žižek, seriously consider Democratic socialism, and bringing class warfare to the welcome mats of America’s one percent.

Anyway, if I could be bothered, this could be a nice outline for a meatier piece on class disparity in the United States of America. Instead, right now, I’m too tired from working, then picking up Leah, then driving her home.

Chris S.
Anomalist, esperantist, cyclist, typist, dodecaphile, ailurophile, and oneiromancer. Chris lives near the shore with his wife, cats, and the Jersey Devil in his backyard.

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