sepdek tria orkoj

I have a wee infection that’s on the edge between my sinuses and the roof of my mouth. The discomfort kept waking me throughout the night, and I had to eventually move to the couch in hopes having cats around would alleviate my anxiety.

My dreams began with repeating dreams. I don’t recall much from those, but they can be mentally exhausting and generate anxiety. When I settled down later, my dreams had numerous instances of the number seventy three. Also there was a dream where I was running down a hallway to announce an epiphany. Orcas appear affable towards humans because we live on land. If anyone happened to fall into the water near an orca, we’d be fair game like the rest of the ocean. FYI, sharks are scared shitless of orcas. Orcas have been known to devour whales, sometimes attacking them for fun.

Update: Just read this at Wikipedia, “There are a few recorded cases of wild orcas threatening humans. However, there have been no fatalities.”

Chris S.
Anomalist, esperantist, cyclist, typist, dodecaphile, ailurophile, and oneiromancer. Chris lives near the shore with his wife, cats, and the Jersey Devil in his backyard.

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