ne sekura por laboro

Trigger warning, and I’m not talking the Lone Ranger.

Maybe hyperbole, but better safe than sorry.

Just the simple fact Steph looks at me, meets my eyes, smiles at me, all those little flourishes including the time she brought in Mini Oreos for me because I had a bad day the other day and then a week later she offered a bagel sandwich to me. I had to decline because it had cheese.

It’s touching a fundamental nerve. Fortunately I had more experience than I did a few years ago, I reckon I’m more mature, and I have better self control, but damn earlier today when I saw her standing in our estimator’soffice shooting the shit about a job, lifting her left foot behind her right calf out of her flip flop, and the way she was standing I just wanted to put her flat on her back upon a table, nibble the back of her knees, then go down on her for however long it takes.

Chris S.
Anomalist, esperantist, cyclist, typist, dodecaphile, ailurophile, and oneiromancer. Chris lives near the shore with his wife, cats, and the Jersey Devil in his backyard.

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