tuta eklips’ de la kor’

One Saturday in July I was listening to DJ RAPEKIT’s Chill Out With DJ RAPEKIT stream. It’s described as “DJ RAPEKIT’s favorite songs: instrumental hip-hop, electronica, some yelling” and I like it.

The show ended with some band covering Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler. It sounded like some average garage band. Then there’s someone singing falsetto in the background which is kinda silly, considering the original video for the song is completely gay.

And then the crashing and smashing begins.

First it’s a great counterpoint to the percussion throughout the song. On another level, it mirrors the anguish and frustration in the song’s protagonist’s heart.

It’s remarkably silly, but brilliant. I can’t stop listening to it.

Chris S.
Anomalist, esperantist, cyclist, typist, dodecaphile, ailurophile, and oneiromancer. Chris lives near the shore with his wife, cats, and the Jersey Devil in his backyard.

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