The other night I went to Walmart because according to Google Shopping they had Oscar Meyer braunschweiger. Braunschweiger is another word for liverwurst and it is so good on Martin's potato bread. The last time I had some was December of 2019, before the pandemic kicked in, when I visited NYC for a tour of the New York Public Library Main Branch on 5th Avenue. My friend EsoterX showed me around behind the scenes with the underground trolleys ferrying books hither and yon while telling me about the inner workings of this institution.
When I returned from the city and got in my car, I went to the former Acme in Manasquan because they always had Oscar Meyer braunschweiger. Considering the season, they also had eggnog and I picked up some along with chocolate syrup for good measure to mix the two. That weekend I had horrible squirtshits and vomited several times. By Monday I was feeling on-the-mend and went into the county. My co-worker remarked how I was pale and not firing on all cylinders then wound up going home. I didn't touch any eggnog nor braunschweiger since that day.
As things go, I hate going to Walmart. It's so fucking shameful. I went to the deli counter and there were two people working the counter but only one was taking orders, the other one was moving stuff around. The one making orders was a Karen being overly specific and the deli worker was being slow. I kept looking at the other guy but he kept on doing what he was doing. Again, Walmart is a shitty store paying shit money to people who probably can't find work elsewhere. Walmart didn't have Oscar Meyer braunschweiger, but I saw they had Thumann's braunschweiger and I reckoned that'd be sufficient since Thumann's is a quality brand. I gave my order, even pointed out the braunschweiger which was clearly labeled as "braunschweiger" and the deli worker proceeded to slice up baloney. "Is that baloney or braunschweiger?"
"It's baloney."
"No, I want braunschweiger. I pointed it out to you."
"You was pointing at the baloney."
I went back to where I was pointing, "It says 'braunschweiger' on the label." Oh god, I felt like such a Karen. Sure the baloney was the neighbor of the braunschweiger but when I pointed it out, the deli worker's hand was jostling the tube of meat for fuck's sake.
Big annoyed sigh, "That's liverwurst."
"It's braunschweiger. Says so on the label, no?"

If shit were brains, America would have the highest per-capita of geniuses.

The braunschweiger was good and I ate the whole half pound. On Thursday I had two very big poops which was a relief.

Also my plantar fasciitis continues to heal up. I spoke with my friend in Bloomfield about something, and I'm going to talk with my dealer at a dinner later about the same situation. I'll post more about this tomorrow. Promise.

Still no idea what I'm going to do for my birthday.

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