Early Sunday morning I went to Toms River and picked up my steroids. Bloomfield texted me while I was on my way to see if I had already left, bless their hearts. The steroids fucking work, and I believe the boot is helping me.

Before heading home, I stopped at Chamo's Bagel and Grill and they had lovely large bagels for sale. On top of that, there was a big chocolate chocolate chip muffin begging to be brought home. Rather than buying soda, I got a smoothie. Lemme tell you, this was good and it was less than $17 bucks. It's a steal in Denmark and decent for New Jersey. Reckon what made it good is the store's owner chatted me up.

I'm not one to initiate conversations since I was raised not to speak 'til spoken to by someone. Even if someone says "Hi", I respond in kind and don't pick up the thread.

After that, I dumped a lot of time into Stardew Valley. Wound up having a good run in the mines, reaching level 105, then being killed by monsters. What's worse is I got killed and lost some items, including my obsidian blade and 2,000 gold, so I decided it was prudent to close the game without saving and maybe later on I'd give it the old college try.

I was going to save that muffin for tonight's weed, but that was devoured ages ago.

Leah asked for my mailing address and I gave her my sister's address since I can always pick it up from there.

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