Just a very long day. Work was light, but a lot of driving was involved since I had my support group down in South Jersey. Despite a new episode of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's Voluminous dropped on Sunday, and reading a portion of the introduction to Paradise Lost, I was dog tired and stuck in my head. My therapist texted me:

Hey. So sorry you are beating yourself. You are not a shifty (sic) person. I know it's a lot to process, it's gonna take time. You are a great person and deserve better than Leah. Its kinda shitty she was not honest with you about who he is to her. Breathe, try not to beat yourself up, you are a good person and deserve better. I am not available tonight but we can talk tomorrow if you want. Hang in there.

The "not be honest", I am strongly presuming, is Leah waited to spring that on me after the fact. Catch up with my personal drama in the post for December 2nd.

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