The wind in autumn has its own character. A handful of times while working in the basement of the county courthouse, I will hear the empty howling of the wind outside. It's remarkable how I don't hear wind make that hollow, keening sound in spring nor summer. Winter? I guess I'll find out.

After work I visited my sister and nephew. Little kids have so much energy and they're vying for attention when adults are talking to one another. I think I went through withdrawal from Stardew Valley. Kept thinking how the life in Stardew Valley seems like a better life than the one I have in real life. As if I'd prefer living in Pelican Town rather than Neptune, NJ. Oh my, there's so much to do and so many years to accomplish everything that I am afraid this will not pass. Still I'm pleased with myself that I am enraptured by a video game once again after years of losing interest in the medium.

It's late. I'm having a few puffs before bed. Really trying to keep my entries positive and happy, especially considering there's one thing I think would be good to write down except it'd be a stain here.

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