Monday was full of Stardew Valley.
Good lord, playing the game shows me a life I'd much rather have than my real life. Making friends, creating something tangible, sharing it with others, earning an honest living wage, and having little adventures. Not to mention trying to romance the various single women NPCs in the game. At the moment I'm torn between Emily, Penny, and Abigail in the game. Emily is my cup of tea, Penny seems to be more conservative and reserved despite being sweet, and Abigail is a typical 20-something who plays the vidya but I'm hesitant for my in-game character.

All of this seems very sad, but while I was hobbling around to take out my garbage and recycle I thought to myself about the parts of my life which reflected the activity in Stardew Valley. Maybe things aren't that bad and I need perspective? Maybe I need to treat my life like the game, not slavishly, but the same elements of making friends and generating relationships.

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