Friday morning, while prepping work for the county, I had a revelation out of necessity. I ordered a shoe balancer from Amazon but it wasn't going to arrive until Saturday. 9 p.m. EST at the very latest. That would mean going into work and stumping around like Quasimodo rather than walking carefully but purposefully through the county clerk's office. See, the immobilization boot on my right leg makes the leg an inch or so longer than the left.
When I wore my plantar fasciitis boot, it was uncomfortable and I needed to contort myself to walk well because my legs were uneven but not remarkably so. On the other hand, I began to develop some hip pain from the inequity but that's faded away. Inshallah, there is no permanent damage to my hips. With that in mind, I was dreading wearing this new boot which is more formidable and 'taller'.
I called a local chain pharmacy and they said to contact a surgical supply shop, and wouldn't you know it there's one in Toms River. After showering and packing up my day's work, I stopped there and they had a shoe balancer! I wasn't merely walking, but strolling with finesse! My heart soared and my body was suffused with confidence.

Work, despite an achey ankle and some pain in my left foot from doing all the standing, was unremarkable in regards to my physical health. Work-wise, I had a bitch of a note to complete. I phoned my co-worker to see if this search was strict or non-strict. With the former I need to run all the prior record owners in addition to copying prior deeds. Non-strict means I have to acquire the chain of title then I could be gay with piss. My co-worker said, "It's strict, but I have a good feeling about this job. Just make a runsheet and fake it" which was a red flag to me so I ran the record owners and found deeds and easements which would've fallen to the wayside, precipitating another note, making me look lazy or incompetent, and making the client wait longer for their search.

Go me.

The painful note involved copying a master deed. When a condominium community is put together, the owner of the community creates a master deed which rules all the dwellings upon its property. Sometimes the home office says "Just the important pages" requiring maybe 15-20 pages, while onerous it's not that bad. Of late, the home office has been requesting the full master deeds much to my chagrin and this sucker was 51 pages. I've copied bigger ones in the past, but copying master deeds is grunt work requiring me to stand at a copier for 15-20 minutes.

Everything else went swimmingly, I think I kept my standing at a minimum. I didn't use any stairs, but I walked a lot because the elevator from the basement to the main floor is far away from the deed room.
I think this is doable and I won't have to go on disability!

Afterwards I sent out two copies of a quitclaim deed by FedEx for a client, drove back to the surgical supply shop for heel cushions, then phoned Leah if it was okay to stop by for the food she mentioned she cooked for me but I haven't had the opportunity to eat. Free food is free food. I napped, I had some quality time with the cats. Pete, Lilah, and Marbles came to say hello. Kira was outside and Leah said Kira was last seen yesterday morning, but I worry about Kira's well-being. I ate, helped Leah trim cat nails, realized I was at my limit for being in my former home and made a hasty exit. I won't write any more since I'm trying to keep things positive.

Texted my friend OnlyWednesdayMu, my friend in LBI, and Bloomfield after making a quick stop at Shop-Rite. I heard through the grapevine that the Fisher Bay Shop-Rite was purchased by a different company but they haven't implemented the annoying gimmick of blasting "patriotic" music at their entrance yet. If anyone's reading this and lives outside of the NY/NJ area, please let me know if your local supermarket chains are doing the same kinda nonsense in the name of natio^H^H^H^H^H patriotism.

Back at my living space, I chatted more with Bloomfield, played more Stardew Valley, wound up quitting because my character died while hunting red slimes in the mines and I didn't want to lose my gear. With that, I banged out my Saturday writing obligations and I don't have much to do except get ready for my cleaning at 10 a.m.

Go me.

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