On Wednesday Leah, then her mother, saw where I live. Not my living space, just the building. On Sunday night my dealer stopped by for a transaction. I acquired my third gift for Christmas and gave my dealer their gift. One gift is going to my landlord because he's been a good guy, and the other gift is a secret.
Anyway it feels like a milestone that three important people in my life have seen where I live.

When I took my foot out of the boot on Saturday night, my ankle hurt like a motherfucker. I went to bed stoned and slept 'til about 3 a.m. When I woke, the ankle was loud as a fire alarm so I booted up, took four Advil, and grabbed an ice pack. When I removed the boot, I saw that the body of my foot was dented and black-and-blue because my immobilization boot had been worn too tightly. It's inflatable to aid in the immobilization. The ice pack helped, maybe the Advil did as well, and I slept in 'til 10:30 a.m.

The rest of my Sunday was flushed down the toilet known as Stardew Valley. I know it's me living a life that I don't have, where work actually earns a living wage and supports a comfortable lifestyle. Not to mention social interactions are not fraught with anxiety. Right now it feels kinda sick but what else am I going to do for quick and easy serotonin?

Now I'm getting stoned 😱 in anticipation of sleep. Tomorrow's yet another work day, hoping the workload is light, and physically easy for me.

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