winter solstice 10:59 a.m. EST

For one reason or another, today was quite a fine and pleasing day. Work was very light and I'm banished to the cursed Freehold within the realm of Monmouth to perform my dastardly work with real estate instruments. I watched some Cowboy Bebop. The original animated series not the Netflix live-action retread. Worst part of my day was venturing into Wall. Wall is bad enough, but within its limits is a place far more nefarious: Whole Foods. See my immobilization boot makes my right leg taller than my left, so I need a shoe balancer. I ordered off Amazon, but it wasn't going to arrive until Saturday. I found the same thing at a local surgical supply store. Since the Amazon shoe balancer was in-transit, I needed to return it to a Whole Foods to have them read the QR code and take care of the rest. Wall is ostentatiously wealthy and the Whole Foods merely concentrated that smugness into a near-singularity. The deed was done, I got my $37 back from Bezos or his successor, and I'm listening to Bing Crosby's White Christmas album while enjoying the effects of the devil's cabbage.

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