Christmas Eve

On Thursday night I got very stoned, went to bed around eight then slept until 8:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve. Also I microdosed with LSD through Everclear.

After waking up for the first time, I slept and had a nightmare. My friend Bloomfield was with me while visiting some of my friends. Who were the friends? Dunno, just people I know in dreams but their names elude me in waking life. In the midst of this get-together, Bloomfield vanished precipitating a frantic search throughout my friends's home to see where Bloomfield went off to. I went outside, went to a 7-11 which was atop a 6 foot hill of asphalt, inspected a few cars, then walked back through a parking lot. That's when I received a text saying Bloomfield went to the hospital because doctors discovered they had brain cancer. My phone had minimal charge, probably 16% since that's when my phone starts having kittens, and I wasn't able to respond nor learn more about the situation.

When I woke on Thursday, I was very reticent to get out of bed because the Achilles heels were hurting something fierce. The toilet forced me to boot up and hobble in for necessary activities, but afterwards I parked my ass and played Stardew Valley while keeping both legs perpendicular to the floor and as still as possible.

Eventually I had to waddle out to Shop-Rite, booted up again, drove over, and shopping wasn't that bad despite the parking lot being packed tigher than Piper Perri. Or the bowl of my pipe. Whichever is less problematic. $54 later, I was limping out of the store but didn't feel pain while walking upright. Carried in the groceries myself, played more Stardew Valley, cooked dinner, and now I'm listening to Cows In The Field talk about Office Space.

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