Christmas was painful for me. Even with my boot and shoe-balancer, walking was a chore because my left foot was feeling jacked up. I know I am overcompensating with my left foot for my right foot, which actually feels alright, but after Christmas's trip I realized what I was doing wrong:

I wasn't taking my ibuprofen.

When I came home, I stumbled around, unbooted, popped four ibuprofen, and went to sleep with an ice pack on my left foot. When I woke in the early morning, I felt good. Even when I wiggled my left foot, but it still has discomfort. In that hazy, half-awake moment I realized I fucked up by not taking my ibuprofen for pain.

The following dream is from Christmas morning, but I didn't get around to getting it scribbled here.

I was coming ashore on Antarctica. Despite global warming, there was still a lot of snow on the ground and the bare, rocky areas were still bare of anything approaching green. Standing in the sun amid the dry, antarctic air gave me the illusion of being warm until a gust reminded me not to be too comfortable. People were planting succulents, much like my echeveria, and I went about helping them with the planting. And that's all I recall from the dream.

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