It appears I've gotten ahead of myself, in addition to confusing the dates of my entries here at inkubo.org.

Weather's been cold and damp, my room has been cold because I leave the window open, but it affords me a lovely little passive game of "How long does it take to warm me up" when I climb into bed and throw blankets over me. The other night, maybe an hour, but I wasn't paying attention to the time. Maybe I'll do it tonight.

At the moment, I'm afraid my right big toe is on the verge of being gouty so I'm boiling up some black bean broth.

I am tired of wearing the boot and the shoe balancer. The other night I woke three times because I hadda pee. My overnight errands were completed barefoot and it wasn't that bad, except for balancing and aiming. Tonight I must shower and I'm hoping it's uneventful.

I have a cough which only manifests when I open my mouth. I took half a cup of store-brand nighttime cough suppressant the other night. Since it has alcohol, I think that may have caused some irritation and inflammation. I am tired. On Tuesday morning I didn't want to get up and out of bed, but I did and made it to Monmouth so I could claim my work station near the printer in the searcher room. Getting up and down is a chore, my body hurts from my muscles attempting to balance me and my big body. It doesn't appear that I have a fever, I can still smell things, I can still taste things, but I just feel run down.

Maybe it's a blessing? Sarah said she's downsizing her New Year's party because of the COVID-19 omicron variant surge in New Jersey. Fair enough since last week I asked if she trusted the people she invited to the party and I was feeling weird if I was going to bail. Reason why is somehow, I don't recall, I told Sarah I would attend but I don't remember. She went ahead and changed my RSVP to "going" on a major social network from "maybe". Apparently she really wanted me to attend. Since my weekend dance card is free, I reckon on Friday I'll find someplace to get a booster, get jabbed, tough it out at home, and keep my own company.

I haven't played Stardew Valley in two days. I'm proud about this. Like smoking marijuana, I'm just not jazzed about playing a sim where my life is so much better than the real world. Maybe once I'm over this hump, I'll start blazing it 420 again and pissing away my spare time in Stardew Valley.

Beyond that I took out my garbage and recycle. Feels good man.

This is not forever. Things change regardless of one's will. Yet the most important thing is remembering, "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will".

I am not adrift upon the waves. I'm just lazy, probably still shell-shocked from my personal life, exhausted from this cold and gimpy Achilles tendons, and giving up for a few days sounds like such a magnificent idea.

But not forever, as hard as it is to write those three words.

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