I seem to have developed a new schedule for my weekends and time off. On Saturday and Sunday I read a couple stories from a science fiction anthology. I discovered if I kept that damnable smartphone in another room, I can pay attention to what I'm reading and enjoy myself. Mind you, naps do occur sometimes and I can not complain. It's good heading out on the front porch, regarding the high power line to the east with the abandoned osprey nest, reading quietly, listening to the dog's incessant barking to the south, overhearing some of the blather from the fat goth girl on the front porch across the street going on about being screwed out of money by a boyfriend, seeing people walk, or ride their bikes, up and down the street, in addition to getting some much-needed fresh air.

My support meeting in south Jersey has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 omicron variant surge. I was going to bail anyway because I have similar concerns.

Overall the weekend was quiet and felt a bit lonely. Pardon if I'm a broken record right now. During the coming week I'm going to clean my living space because a lot fell to the wayside. Thankfully the landlord moved garbage bins close to the house in consideration of my injury, so I'm not buried in trash. Yet my living space does need some love. Also I want to see about changing my sheets. Maybe on Tuesday I'll catch up on food shopping and continue my way of eating so I can lose this depression and holiday weight.

Besides that, I am stopping at the house to drop off my $50 cat support but I'm not going to stick around. Figure I'll put the money in an envelope and text Leah that the money is waiting for her.

After months the dryer for the house has been repaired and gives me a measure of independence from Leah because I can do laundry here. On the other hand the dryer is in the basement and traversing thirteen stairs can be a bit fraught. On the gripping hand I have laundry bags which I can throw down, rather than carry down, making the chore easier for me.

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