Tuesday was a good day. Thing is around seven p.m. I started to get a headache. Plus my right ankle started to act up a tiny bit, but not that much/ Will ice it when I go to bed.
Tuesday was also quite cold, averaging 18°F / -8°C / 265 Kelvin during the day which meant I acknowledged the weather being cold. An uncommon occurence.

At the moment I'm ruminating over my fixation with Twitter and reddit, and how I think I only keep going back for the acknowledgement of my existence. For better or worse. I need to stop because it's no replacement for actual human interactions.

Also I want a good reading chair for my room. Sadly my room seems to be crowded enough as it is. Maybe if I got portable shelves to put on my dresser then there could be more room? Fortunately Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store tends to be very affordable.

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