On Wednesday night I made myself go out and do something. Since I've stopped smoking dope, I've been sitting home on the computer and watching old episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Socialization has been minimal of late, in contrast with November and December, but life changes and nothing is static. Down in Asbury Park, not at the boardwalk mind you, is a bar where they hold "speed dating" once a month. I saw it back in the fall but wasn't inclined on checking it out. It's an hour of five minute "dates", chatting up women and then at the end of the hour one circles the two who they're interested in. The two I chose were a nerdy chick with short hair who plays Animal Crossing and only played a little bit of Stardew Valley. The other I chose was cute, had the same name as one of my cats (named for The Dark Crystal, not Deep Space Nine) and seemed cool. Out of twenty - twenty five people and only being able to choose two is quite a feat. Even more onerous is the talking amidst bar noise and loud music. Two, who were a set, that I called the Tit Twins I kept leaning in to hear what they had to say even though it was to get a better gander of their cleavage.

I was completely out of my element. I persevered. While I matched with no one, it's still a win.

Going to sleep for a year now.

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