Dreamt that I was eating pomegranates. Recently the supermarket has been carrying pomegranate lemonade. It's a delightful red and I happen to find the taste exceedingly pleasing. I'm uncertain if the lemonade is changing the flavor of the pomegranate or if the flavor is true to the fruit. On the other hand I'm a little caught up with the mythology behind pomegranates after my gustatory discovery. So far I haven't been able to find a pomegranate fruit to eat all by itself but eventually one should become available, or I'll just check Wegman's or Foodtown in Ocean Township. According to dreamglossary.com:

When you dream of enjoying the exotic taste of pomegranate, it means that you probably like someone a lot, either physically or in some other way. There is a chance that you will soon have a short-term, passionate relationship with that person, but you will not involve emotions and long-term plans into the mix. This dream can represent your admiration for someone or signal an end of a significant period of your life, which doesn’t have to mean anything negative.

Later in the dream I was looking at a picture of a high altitude forest which I knew was called Garvin Mesa out in Colorado. The image featured very tall trees, the nearby mountains were steeper than I recall from living along the front range, and there were glorious shafts of sunlight coming through the spaces between the trees giving it a heavenly aspect. My friend in Matawan reached out to me to see if I was interested in moving in with her. She has bright pink hair except in the dream she had bright blue hair. I hadn't the foggiest notion if I was going to accept her invitation to move in and help out but the idea stuck with me. I know my weaknesses and that I always want to try to save people regardless of its toll upon myself and my sanity.

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